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Innovative solutions based on science.


The Problem.
The Rationale.
The Solution.

   US Health reports 2.1 Billion people about the globe suffer from obesity and over $2 Trillion USD are spent on obesity treatment.  80% of obese patients develop diabetes which is the leading cause of kidney failure requiring dialysis and a frequent cause of blindness. 

   Visceral or "belly" fat causes sleep apnea and gastric reflux and secretes the noxious cellular hormones which cause diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease, strokes, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, cancer, fatigue, and insatiable hunger.

   Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy, the removal of visceral fat, is expected to immediately lower blood pressure, lessen insulin resistance and lower blood sugar, improve metabolism, and result in the loss of a much larger multiple of body fat than the relatively small amount of visceral fat removed. It can be repeated until ideal weight is obtained.

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