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    Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy has not yet been proven safe and effective in human patients. 


    Safety and efficacy studies have yet to be completed and appropriate regulatory approvals obtained before this treatment may be offered clinically to patients as a treatment option.


    In "Tiny Alice", the playwright Edward Albee said, "What was once thought cannot be unthought."  That may be so, but it hasn't stopped many companies from developing products and methods in a research silo until they were ready for rollout with a single company or person retaining sole possession of the profits - even if that meant a considerable time delay that could have been averted by cooperation with others and sharing along that way.  Given the multitude of obese patients about the globe afflicted with this disease and the magnitude of obesity related disease  costs, anything that can expedite sharing and the research and development process is preferable.


  The purpose of this web site is to call attention and raise awareness of the science, rationale and potential of this method and treatment approach as a possibly safer and effective alternative to current modalities.  It is meant to encourage research and development, foster collaborative thought, spark strategic partnerships between researchers and companies, and report advances in this promising area.


  Accredited Investors who have been verified in accordance with rule 506(c) under the securities act of

1933, as amended may be provided access to further information  


   This is provided for information purposes only. The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security in BioSculpture Technology, Inc. An offer can be made only pursuant to a written prospectus and only in states in which the offering of thesesecurities is registered or exempt from registration. 



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